About us

Four Figs Café – Restaurant in Beaconsfield was established in 2011, and serves as an ideal dining location for families, couples, business lunches functions and corporate dinners.

Four Figs is one of the many Café- Restaurants in Victoria that reflect the rich and abundant regional produce of the Gippsland area making this an ideal place for a truly delicious dining experience.Combining the best of local ingredients to create an exciting menu with great coffee and our extensive drinks list.

We treat you with a “genuine sense of hospitability” as if you were coming into our home. It is a principle that we and our great staff live and work by. Also, having a “generosity of spirit” extending into our approach to service and ensuring you get great value for money.

There is a feeling of pride and, the sense of community here is undeniably strong. Walkers, children, dogs and bikes, it should be hectic, but somehow it is not.